Leo di San Felice, the Italian swing!


Happy New Year! Happy 2012! Today, to celebrate the start of the year and make it start in the greatest possible, musically possible way, I went to see a great concert by Leo di San Felice at the Santa Chiara theatre. Leo di San Felice will be playing also for the next couple of days so if you happen to be in Rome, do go: he’s amazing!

Leo di San Felice in concert in Rome 1.01.2012 - foto © Roberta Cucchiaro

Leo di San Felice is a very jazzy, swing, fun piano-cabaret Italian artist. He was discovered by Renzo Arbore and played in Arbore’s music shows. His songs are definitely unique, fun and catchy. While playing he’s always surrounded by soft-toys and pink desk lamps, colorful pillows and lots of pink everywhere. He seems to be living in his own world, but he fits in so perfectly and through comedy he is magically able to bring us to this world, and I guarantee you, it’s so much fun! He played also at the Umbria Jazz Festival, one of the most important jazz festivals in the world that has been held annually since 1973, usually in the month of July in Perugia, Italy. Renzo Arbore has also been one of the Jazz Festival’s directors and artists such as B. B. King and other great jazz musicians have participated to write down the history of jazz.

Below is an extract from Leo di San Felice playing Cos’è, Cos’è una serata in braccio a te?  (What is it, What is an evening in your arms?). Great tune! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Other great suggested songs are:


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