Randerscheinung: Movable architecture


Today’s architecture post is not about green architecture, but kind-of.

The Vienna based design studio Prechteck has created Randerscheinung, a proposal for the 13th documenta 2012 taking place in Kassel, Germany. documenta is a modern and contemporary art exhibition which takes place every five years in Kassel, this is why they needed a building to host the event which had the characteristic of being temporary, hence, being easily dissembled and relocated to another site. This is what Randerscheinun has been projected for.

Randerscheinun, this pavilion, exists in different parts attached to one another, housing different functions. The main idea behind this project is that during the 5 years in which no documenta is held, each cell can be assembled in a different German city to serve as cultural centre, or an information booth for the documenta itself. At the beginning of the next documenta, the parts can get transported back together and be reconnected to the site.

Randerscheinun has multiple functions like concert hall, lecture hall, reading and chill out areas, areas to sit on and walk around. Developed horizontally, the Randerscheinun creates an atmosphere of togetherness which creates an open place for all.

‘randerscheinung’ by prechteck, kassel, germany – all images courtesy of prechteck


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