Indie-folk: Taken by Trees

MONDAY: Music!

Today is Indie Folk’s turn. Indie is definitely one of my favorite genres at the present time. A genre which will pretty much characterize this decade. Indie as “independent” is a music genre of alternative rock which generated in the UK (it’s very very British!) and the US in the 80s. But right now a lot of indie-rock bands are from Canada. Indie was originally used to describe the labels, independent labels which were founded by the bands themselves, and later on the term became associated with the type of music those bands were producing, independent music, far from mainstream sounds and mainstream record labels. Even though Indie started in the 80s, it was not until the 2000 and the present decade that those bands have been able to enjoy much more commercial success, mainly thanks to the internet and mass communication. Indie-folk, today’s focus, is a mix of indie-rock with heavy influences from the folk music and country of the 50s, 60s and 70s mainly in the US.


Taken by Trees

The music today is by Taken by Trees, the Swedish solo project by Victoria Bergsman, mostly known as the former lead singer of the Concretes. The debut album “Open Field” was released in June 2007 and her second album in September 2009, entitled “East of Eden” which she recorded while retreated in Pakistan aided by a cast of amateur local musicians. Both albums are under the Rough Trade Record Label. Rough Trade is THE independent record label based in London. EAST TRADE just off Brick Lane is the place to be in London, absolutely amazing, from the Beatles, to the 70s progressive rock, and today’s Mogwai style post-rock and indie music lovers paradise!

Today’s song is by Taken by Trees, title: Lost and Found. One word to describe it: Beautiful. Enjoy 🙂


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