The Numberlys: I love them so much!

FRIDAY: Design & Co.

Yesterday (and also today and also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow) was a great day for all the fans of digital animation as Moonbot Studios released their latest story app: The Numberlys.

The Numberlys!!!

The Numberlys is SPECTACULAR! It is an interactive story app, a story book developed as an app, working best on iPads. It tells the story of the origins of the alphabet through the 5 cutest characters I have ever seen. In a world without colors and only numbers, where everyone is called by a number and no one has a proper name, and where food is numbered, not called, there are 5 characters, “called” 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 who rebel to the system and want to create something.. well something different, something better and nicer.. They decide to create the letters! And how do they do this? They transform numbers into letters of the alphabet through challenging the reader to help them jump higher and higher on top of a box to create an E and an F, they ask us to kick the I so that it becomes a J and ask our help to twist the V around and around, faster and faster so that they can create the douuuubleyouuuu! It’s so fascinating, it’s so great and so amazing.

I read many comments, all positive of course, and many people say the same old thing “I wish I was a kid again”, but why wanting to be a kid again? We can enjoy this fun story even though we are adults, growing up outside doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate the beauty of such sweetness. The 1, 2, 3, 4 aaaand 5 bring so much happiness to you, not just to kids, to anyone who is able to appreciate them! One of the best moments in the story was when the 5 puffy characters have to pronounce the letter A and they ask you to tickle them a bit so as to make them speak.. And also when the little one, number 1, tries to pronounce new letters and when he creates the pronunciation for the “ziiiiiii”. It is truly beautiful!

I would really suggest it to anyone, little or big, to see with your eyes and enjoy it all till the very end, that’s when the 5 puffy ones bring color and happiness to the entire world and… well you’ll have to see it for yourself! I revealed enough already!

The app can be found by clicking here, it’s few euros/pounds/dollars or whichever currency you might be using, and it’s definitely, definitely worth it! Enjoy!

and.. good night 🙂


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