Indie-rock from Beijing

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Lonely China Day

Exploring the music scene in China is an amazing experience. Chinese indie-rock and post-rock is something unknown to many, unknown also to those living in China, foreigners or locals. It is definitely not something that can be classified as “popular” and is still remaining much in the dark side and underground scene.

Lonely China Day, whose Chinese name is 寂寞.夏.日 which actually translates into “loneliness”, “summer” and “day”, not sure where the word China came from since “Lonely Summer Day” wouldn’t have sounded bad. They are from Beijing and the lead vocal is Deng Pei also a strong guitarist.

Deng Pei always sings in Mandarin Chinese and draws much inspiration from the long Chinese history and the beautiful ancient Chinese poetry, the splendor of ancient China reflecting into modern life.

Lonely China Day have been compared to Sigur Ros, if you observe their style, the comparison is very close. Both bands don’t use English and their vocals are able to float along with the music, creating a one single musical body. I always believed that vocals in a language you cannot understand often have a much more powerful musical effect.

Lonely China Day – One – from the 2007 album Sorrow – Tag Team Records, my favorite, an all time favorite:

Lonely China Day – Summon My Spirit At Lotus Pond – from the 2010 album This Readily Assimilative People – much more experimental, it’s GREAT, even though it might seem inaccessible to casual listeners… just try give it a go!

Tip 🙂 If you like this music or are curious about any other Asian experimental music and you pass by Hong Kong, go to Zoo Records in HK, its a MUSIC PARADISE!


3 thoughts on “Indie-rock from Beijing

  1. Thanks for the tip! I must explore Beijing’s music scene much further. I was lucky to see Carsick Cars at the Old What Bar in October, not knowing they were popular around here. Unfortunately, right after you mentioned D-22 to me, it closed down. Oh well! I’m glad I got to experience it (once) before it closed.

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