The NEW London buses!

FRIDAY: Design & Co.

New year, new buses..

With the new year London has introduced a new design for their famous red double-decker buses.

While before it was like this:

Now it’s going to look like this:

The new design is by Heatherwick Studio, the same architects studio which designed the famous UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai EXPO.  This new design represents the first time that London has commissioned a new bus in more than 50 years. Even in the new design though, the inspiration is always from the 1950s iconic and pioneering Routemaster, the original model for the famous London buses. One interesting characteristic is that while the new design is absolutely futuristic, it also gets great inspiration from the traditional model and keeps the exposed deck that lets riders hop on and off quickly, the famous “hop-on hop-off” feature! The new design is fuel-efficient and is especially designed for speeding up passenger boarding by having three doors and two staircases.

The buses will officially start service on the 20 February, 2012, just in time for the 2012 London Olympic Games! It is definitely an exciting change, something more for tourists to take pictures of!


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