Koen Olthuis’ ‘SEA TREES’


Architecture, when it’s GREEN, it is just too fascinating. It’s incredible. And it is exactly when you see these kind of projects that you realize how much better our world can look like in the very near future.

Koen Olthuis is an architect for the Dutch firm Waterstudio.NL. He specializes in building in wet areas and has now developed an incredible new project: the ‘Sea Tree’.

The ‘Sea Tree’ is an innovative way of understanding architecture. In a previous post about Milan’s Bosco Verticale I showed Stefano Boeri’s project of building two 100% green skyscrapers in Milan, but today we are talking about a “skyscraper”/tree purely for vegetation and wildlife. The ‘Sea Tree’ is basically a floating park. Ideally it would be built in cities with very wide water-ways such as in New York, Tokyo or London. The ‘Sea Tree’ is a multi-tiered structure made up of layered green habitats providing valuable living grounds for birds, bees, bats and other small animals and if the climate is suitable, even for artificial coral reefs. Given enough time to grow, the Sea Tree will eventually resemble a sort of hanging garden, both above and below water, with branches and vines hanging from the different levels.

The idea behind the ‘Sea Tree’ is that in our cities undergoing more and more expansion it is hard to create new parks and new green areas, so the need to create such spaces is pressing. Open areas such as the sea, rivers, lakes should be utilized to create more favorable environments for the wildlife. Koen Olthuis even proposed using offshore technology similar to oil rigs to construct the ‘Sea Trees’, this would definitely make the oil companies look much more sustainable, especially after the many oil spill disasters that we have witnessed in the recent times.

‘Save the world, build on water’… can you imaging how happy all the Dory and Nemo and Tweety and Woodstock would be??


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