App Review: “Disposable Hipstamatic” Photo App

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Sometimes I wonder how crazy we are. We are living in the 21st Century, yes twenty-first, more exactly in the year 2012.. and we keep on wanting to take those extremely low-fi photographs, completely vintage, grainy, not clear, where you can’t even see people’s faces well, you can’t get the right colors, there’s scratches, lines, wrong white balance, but we love those pictures SO MUCH! And we take them using the most high-tech means we have! I mean, can you imagine going back to the 1950s and giving the people there a good SLR Canon or Nikon, whatever preference you want, and tell them they can take the picture, put it on this device, called computer, and edit the picture so to get the highest resolution and best colors, vivid, clear, stunning? But no. We, living in the 21st Century, want to take the pictures they were taking! We always want what we don’t have. But I have also fallen into this trap and here is the proof:

The first two pictures were taken at Villa Ada in Rome, Italy and all the other pictures at Hyde Park in London. All pictures are by Roberta Cucchiaro. © Roberta Cucchiaro

I’m going to admit that I am a huge fun of low-fi photography. It does give a special texture to the picture, a texture of memories and love, and happiness and peace. Lomo cameras are definitely “cool”, but so annoying. First: you actually have to buy film; second: you actually have to develop the film somewhere, unless you have a dark room in your apartment, which I guess most people don’t! Third: bringing around all those toy cameras is pretty uncomfortable and they aren’t even that cheap, nop. And then the iPhone came, the best invention of.. ever! And then the lomo-camera apps came and then… “DISPOSABLE HIPSTAMATIC”, the app, came! Can I say the MOST FUN PHOTO APP EVER??????!!!!

How does “Disposable Hipstamatic” work?

You open the app, and you create your own disposable camera, how many you want, there are two main sets, and more if you connect to fb and if you want to buy more, but the two main are one light and one basic. You then add the location where you are at the moment and then add a personalized sticker to the camera front. Once your camera is ready, you are ready to use your film. You have around 20 something shots you can take, and no, it’s not like digital, you can’t see how the picture came after you took it! and the best part is, that you have to wait that all your film is complete to “develop” your film and see your pictures! Once the film is developed, it immediately saves to your camera roll and the pictures already have that “vintage”, low-fi character we all love so much. They are also all square, depending on which film you use they are gonna have a white or black border and depending on how you expose the camera, the effect will be different. It’s SO MUCH FUN! I love it! And again, yes we are using some of the most high-tech products to take some of the most low-tech pictures! But it’s cool like that and let’s enjoy it!

The app can be downloaded following this link! Easy-peasy! 😀

From your low-fi photo fan!


3 thoughts on “App Review: “Disposable Hipstamatic” Photo App

  1. Lovely photos.

    I think we love low-fi photography because it reminds us of yesteryear. It is funny how the mind works, it seems we remember all the good things about the past but forget about the negatives, while it is the reverse for the present. I love these types of photos as it allows us to be transported into the past and reminisce about the good times.

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