Lana Del Rey (more)

MONDAY: Music, Music, Music

Lana Del Rey has been a love at first “hearing”, if that expression is even possible. Her voice is extremely powerful. I’m going to compare Lana to our lost Amy Winehouse. They both have the same attractiveness in their voices, the same hypnotic power.

I just found out today about Lana’s previous album and EPs and that’s why my post today is again about Lana. Yesterday I mistakenly said Born to Die, which is released today in the UK (btw!), was her first album. Actually, in 2008 Lana Del Rey, with her real name Lizzy Grant, released an EP called Kill Kill. The EP included the songs Kill Kill (3:59), Yayo (5:45) and Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) (3:50).

Later on she released her, this time is correct, FIRST album which was called Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant. It was released under an independent label by the producer David Kahne. However, the album was released on iTunes for a very short time and was then withdrawn shortly afterwards. The track listing for this album is: 1. Kill Kill (3:57) 2. Queen Of The Gas Station (3:04) 3. Oh Say Can You See (3:40) 4. Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) (3:55) 5. For K Part 2 (3:24) 6. Jump (2:51) 7. Mermaid Motel (3:59) 8. Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) (4:22) 9. Pawn Shop Blues (3:26) 10. Brite Lites (2:58) 11. Put Me In A Movie (3:13) 12. Smarty (2:49) 13. Yayo (5:45).

I so went out on YouTube searching for this mystery album.. and I’m going to say that I have hardly every heard something so beautiful written AT THE PRESENT TIME. She’s amazing!

Below is how magic might sound like:


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