Soft Rocker = MIT Students are amazing!

FRIDAY: Design!

It is not the first time MIT students are the center topic of the day in my blog. In one of my very first posts in fact I introduced MIT’s Agnes suit to make you feel like you’re 70 in order to better understand the needs of our aging population.

Today, MIT students are again here and this time for the SOFT ROCKER!

Introducing.. the Soft Rocker!

The Soft Rocker, is a solar powered outdoor rocking lounger.  It enables not only to relax hidden from direct sunlight but to use and charge all your electronic devices at the same time. Chargers are powered by photovoltaic panels put on the upside of the rocker and the power coming from balancing. It has been developed by architecture students at MIT, lead by professor Sheila Kennedy. The furniture piece uses the human power of balance to create an interactive 1.5 axis, 35 watt solar tracking system. The lounger utilizes a 12-ampere hour battery storing the solar energy harvested during sunlight hours so you can charge your gadgets even after sunset and enjoy the outdoors with all your technologies.

The MIT Soft Rocker is a really smart, clean energy charging station disguised as outdoor rocking lounge furniture. You just have to sit back and enjoy. Put your body weight in play with an interactive, real time energy harvesting feedback loop that senses how you orient the rocker to the sun. Charge or run any USB device from speakers to cell phones and bring your friends to enjoy cool lighting loops at night for social gatherings.

Again, an amazing new design, 100% eco friendly, and just simply cool! You have to love those MIT students!

Sheila KENNEDY, MIT Professor of the Practice of Architecture
James BAYLESS, UC MArch 2014, KVA Intern
Kaitlyn BOGENSCHUTZ, UC BS Arch 2013, KVA Intern
Wardah Inam, MIT PhD Candidate 2015, Electrical Engineering
Jungmin NAM, GSD MArch 2009, KVA Designer
Shevy ROCKCASTLE, MIT SMarchS 2011
Phil SEATON, MIT MArch 2012
Adnon ZOLIJ, MIT BS 2010, Electrical Engineer Vicor, Inc.


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