4-5 February 2012 – SNOW in London!!!

SUNDAY: OK GO for Photography!

Hello to all Londoners! It SNOWED in LONDON!

I have finally stopped being jealous of everyone in Rome for the incredible massive snowfall they experienced between the 3rd and 4th February 2012, which has made the eternal city look more beautiful than ever. But just when I started being completely “annoyed” by all those awesome pictures of Rome coming up one after the other on Facebook… I looked out of my London’s windows and there it was: SNOW! It snowed the night of the 4th February 2012 and today, 5th of February, me and my friend made Mr. Frosty come to life (he’s at Finsbury Square Garden! If any of you pass by there, please say hi, click a picture and do share it with me please! ^_^ )! Snow turns us all into kids, a purely magical day! Here are few pictures from today (the first picture.. I completely love it! 🙂

All photography are by Roberta Cucchiaro under the Creative Commons License © Roberta Cucchiaro


5 thoughts on “4-5 February 2012 – SNOW in London!!!

  1. It’s beaaaaaauuutiful there!!! Now I wish there was snow in Beijing 😦

    Actually, snow in BJ would turn to dirty slush the second it hit the ground, and I’m enjoying the few days of rare sunshine and blue skies. So never mind! I’ll just admire the snow from afar.

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