Calligraphy and Lettering Art: Luca Barcellona

WEDNESDAY: Art (an unusual form of art)

Luca Barcellona.

He does magic with just a brush and some ink. It’s purely a matter of skills, but with computers more and more taking over our lives, calligraphy is becoming rarity and Luca’s calligraphy and lettering art is becoming jaw-dropping. Luca Barcellona is 32 years old. He has his own studio in Milan, where he works as a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher. Letters are the main ingredient of his creations. The means of his work is to make the manual skill of an ancient art as writing and the languages and instruments of the digital era coexist.

His ability with calligraphy is “incredibly incredible”. It would seem you would need an infinite amount of time to do these creations and especially you would need to try it out many many many times.. but the video below is barely 5 minutes and it will definitely impress you!

(ps.. for those of you who know how even more stunning Chinese calligraphy is… shhhhh.. let’s give some credit to the Western world once in a while 😛 )


One thought on “Calligraphy and Lettering Art: Luca Barcellona

  1. One of my friends attended Western style calligraphy workshop and once she explained to me some things about it and also wrote some words. It’s amazing that it is possible to write one letter in so many ways. It’s pity that people don’t know much about this unique European art. They know much more about calligraphy that we are not supposed to mention here. Arabic calligraphy seems to me even more stunning than… you know which one. 😉

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