Pasta lovers, this is for you!


Spaghetti with a wonderful fresh tomato sauce, ripe tomatoes, basil, a bit of chilly and a hint of garlicy flavor and then on top freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, oh, wonderful!

But the problem is always there.. HOW MANY SPAGHETTI IS ENOUGH? How many enough so that I won’t be hungry after just like five minutes? How many not to explode? How many? How many?

Well, designers are here for that!

This is Icelandic Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson’s design named “I could eat a horse”. It helps you find out how many spaghetti you would be able to eat if you eat little or you’re a kid aged 12 or less, if you’re a guy, a girl or if you have a HORSE’s appetite (or you’re cooking for four!)! HAHA! It’s awesome!

It comes in steel, or green and white plastic and you can order yours online by clicking here!

ok.. now I got really hungry!


2 thoughts on “Pasta lovers, this is for you!

  1. I want one of those!!! I always do too much, love spaghetti…. My wifes parents have a house in Umbria so we eat regional food when we are out there…. however, its always me who want to make my own Spaghetti and ragu… which I find a real hoot as its made more difficult each time due to the ammount of local Umbrian wine consumed at the time of making. Pasta making is such a skill, have you made your own?

    • hehehe Umbria is so beautiful, a wonderful Medieval scenery! So you can make spaghetti from scratch? Really? My mom does it, and when she does, they become dream-spaghetti! So incredibly good! I would know how to make them but have never tried! Definitely easier option to get them already made and spend time to make a delicious sauce hehe Speaking of which, tomato sauce is there on the stove right now just waiting to be mixed with spaghetti and be eaten (just hope I got the right amount of spaghetti hehehe!!!) 😀

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