Terraplane Sun

SUNDAY: musicmusicmusicmusicmusicmusic!


I have been obsessed with finding the perfection in the imperfect and the imperfection in the perfect for quite some time now (I also curated a contemporary photography exhibition in February 2010 at Surface Gallery, Nottingham-UK, entitled “The Perfection of the iMperfect“) and I had genuinely believed I was never going to find a band which was struggling with the same concept, but I did. Terraplane Sun, quoting them “Terraplane Sun, after more than a year of obsession and very little sleep have just released our self titled debut album. We were striving for what we called perfect imperfection and ended up with a product that we are all genuinely very proud of.” Well… if this is what “perfect imperfection” sounds like, I must say it sounds pretty good!

Terraplane Sun: a 5 piece blues/folk rock quintet hailing from Venice, CA., with a sound that encompasses exactly that, when the city meets the sea. Raw folk and Blues, Indie Rock, Dance  and Soul with a whole lot of soul and a 60’s rock n’ roll edge: it definitely works!

Terraplane Sun are 110% the sound of our decade. It’s the sound that we are gonna listen to in 20 years to remember how the 2010s sounded like. And with their Instagram and Pixlromatic-ized pictures, it’s just exactly the print of the 2010s!

…….. Listen to minute 2:41 . It’s DIVINE!


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