New music: OHO!

Monday: Muhuhusic! For those who like trip-hop, slightly folk electronica with a feminine voice…

It’s always uber-fantastic to find out new music. Just few days ago a friend of mine introduced me to a new band, the consequence has been a huge addiction to this song:

Alone in Kathmandu by OHO

OHO has been the outcome of Aurore and Paul meeting in India in Fall 2010 [Aurore/singer and Paul/instruments]. There they recorded their first song, Free Electron, in a tiny Indian recording studio. When they came back in different cities of Europe, they kept writing songs and shared them by email, and then decided to start a recording project themselves.

Aurore wrote the lyrics and melody of most songs a-capella while she was in India. Then Paul added to this voice all sorts of instruments (guitar, organ, bass, trumpet, percussions, xylophone…), to build grooves and atmospheres that the voice brought to his mind. The creation process does also work the other way around as Paul’s instruments are a source of inspiration for Aurore, who likes to layer lyrics and melodies as they play the songs…

In summer 2011, they recorded and produced their first EP « Land of the Happy » in Paul’s home-studio in Paris.

The EP was released in October 2011, available here:

and a huge and AWESOME Ratatat influence (as they also admit):

I can’t wait for more, more and more music from OHO! Until then, buy the album, help the real emerging and independent artists!


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