The Z Boat by Zaha Hadid

Friday is for D. E. S. I. G. N.

Zaha Hadid is one of the, literally, “coolest” architects of our time. Now, the Z Boat can’t get any cooler!

The Z Boat: Zaha Hadid has been commissioned by the london-based art dealer and writer Kenny Schachter to design a limited edition speedboat for his own personal use. The Z Boat is a 8-meter-long, all black, vessel that comfortably seats eight and is powered by an 1×220 HP Mercruiser. It will be manufactured by french manufacturer Shoreteam who will produce just 12 of them to go on sale in early 2013.

The asymmetrical design is sculptural in appearance while practically affording more seating accommodations.
In a sense, the bespoke boat is as much a work of art as a cisitalia sports car in the permanent collection of the
museum of modern art in new york.

The idea is to think of vessels and vehicles as highly individualistic expressions of art, architecture and design reflecting 
the edge of what is possible using the most advanced means, including materials, software systems and methods of fabrication

-design statement from Zaha Hadid Architects


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