Björk: All Is Full of Love

Monday: Music Monday

So.. Björk. Björk, she is and always will be one of the craziest, nonconformist musicians of our times. And All Is Full of Love is in my opinion her masterpiece.

All Is Full of Love was released as the fifth and final single from her album Homogenic. The original version of the song was used in the 1999 film Stigmata. The whole stretch of melody features sounds inspired by machines, and is accompanied by orchestral instruments and clavichord performed by Guy Sigsworth. It was first released as a dance single by Funkstörung with their remixes in late 1998, but later received a full single and video release in the 1999 summer. The song has been acclaimed ever since its release, with music critics calling it the highlight of the album, and also praised it for Björk’s powerful vocals and its instrumentation.
and interesting….facts: This single was one of the first to ever be issued on the then-new DVD single format, to maximise exposure of the video. It also was the first commercial Mini-disk release in the UK.

But what is more, is the video: The music video was directed by Chris Cunningham and is on permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is a masterpiece together with Björk’s passion for sounds.


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