The voice of nature: Studio Weave has a solution: The Hear Heres!

Friday: Design & Co.

I was expecting it to be a project related in some way to an East Asian background, and in fact the London-based Studio Weave is headed by Korean-born Je Anh. As part of Kedleston Hall’s art initiative called Playful Landscapes, Studio Weave have designed a series of pieces that capture your attention to the surrounding landscape as never before. They are named The Hear Heres and are horns dotted along a walk through the grounds of Robert Adam’s Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, England. Those trumpets point towards the water in a lake, point towards the sky or are twisted around trees, all with one singe intention: make us hear the true sound of nature, from the twirling wind, the singing of a far away bird, the shivering of the water or the sound of trees. Each of those structures is sculpted from fiberglass and coated in zinc, propped up on steel stilts, positioned to amplify the surrounding sounds. Studio Weave’s Je Ahn, speaking in a documentary about the sculptures, says he hopes the Hear Heres will inspire visitors to focus on a sense often ignored in parks: hearing.. “We know it’s beautiful,” .. “Let’s listen.”


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