A Glass-Bottomed Plane? Why Not?

Friday: Design & Co.

It was an April’s Fool, but what if it were to become reality? Haha! Guess what? No passengers anymore would get up and go to the toilet! I find it hilarious.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about Founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson’s idea of a glass-bottomed plane.


On April 1st, Richard Branson announced on his blog that Virgin created “another world-first” with the world’s first glass-bottomed plane. Richard claimed that the glass-bottomed plane was going to be used for Virgin Atlantic Airways’ new domestic service to Scotland with the aim of letting tourists, and not only, admire the British landscape from up-above, even though I wonder how many days a year they could find with clear skies over Scotland!

Now, this sounds very COOL. In the real meaning of the word “cool”. It is simply and amazingly cool. But the first things I thought were two: number 1, I can imagine NO passengers any more would go to the plane toilet due to a terrible fear of falling into the transparent floor. I can imagine passengers with trembling knees with urgent toilet needs; number 2, seriously, how many times in your plane-travelling life have you NOT seen just clouds below you? I think we all know the answer 😀

On the contrary, if they  (engineers, that is) are sure that the glass holds the pressure and resists to all what happens up above over there were planes fly and that the glass would not end up like the glass of the Sydney Aquarium, protagonist of the sharks-falling-on-tourists-heads-accident.. then, if you don’t have fear of heights and actually manage to fly over a cloudless world.. then it would be “cool”! I’d go!

But, this was just an April’s Fool. It’s not going to happen. There won’t be any glass-bottomed planes. Sorry to disappoint you. But, who knows, there might be soon!

Nevertheless, funny thing is that one of the few (maybe only one?) media who fell for the joke was China’s CCTV who reported with enthusiasm the news. I can imagine Chinese airlines already calling Richard to go forward with deals. I’d bet Chinese would love to bring tourist up above their stunningly modern cities and show the world how Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are from up-above! Maybe, someone is already there planning this out! Let’s hope yea?



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