Swim Deep and Digbeth and B-Town

Monday: Music!

Hello! Hello! and Hello! It’s been a long, a long time coming, yes like legendary Sam Cooke sings in A Change Is Gonna Come, but no, I’m not here to talk about Sam Cooke, not at least today. Today I’m here to talk about the present, about what the music sounds like today, not 10 years ago, and not 20 or 30, but, right now. You migth disagree, but I think today’s music is Indie Rock and if you have been following this blog, you might remember that I heart Indie Rock.

So here it is:

It’s Swim Deep. It’s Digbeth-based B-Town. If you know 1) Swim Deep already, 2) Digbeth and, 3) what B-Town means.. well then you qualify as a pretty much awesome person. I just found out something like 2 minutes ago?

Swim Deep

Swim Deep is an Indie Rock band from Birmingham, England and, just to give you some name info, it consists of Austin Williams (vocals), Tom Higgins (guitar), Zachary Robinson (drums) and Cavan McCarthy (bass). The band was formed just in 2011 and began recording in Brussels at the end of 2012 for what would be their debut album. They have so far released five singles: King City (May 14, 2013), Honey (November 2, 2012), The Sea (March 1, 2013), She Changes The Weather (May 5, 2013), and, a re-release of King City (July 22, 2013). Their deubt album Where the Heaven Are We will be released on August 5, 2013.

So what is it with this Birmingha stuff? The Digbeth and the B-Town? Well, to make it easy, I’m sure you know Massive Attack already, right? Massive Attack are from Bristol and they pretty much founded the Bristol sound, the sound which characterizes the Massive Attack style music and those bands which started appearing in Bristol (I do not have proof Massive Attack founded the Bristol sound, but I like to believe they did, if you know more.. comment comment!). And so, I just found out there something similar happened in Birmingham. Oh England, England how cool are you?


In Birmingham there is a district called Digbeth. Historically, the area around Digbeth and Deritend was the first centre of industry in Birmingham and became one of the most heavily industrialised areas in the town, and as history has tought us, most art and good music  tends to come from such areas. Now, Digbeth is associated with the development of the British electronic music scene. As well as the Custard Factory, Digbeth is home to The HMV Institute which was a prominent venue during the early days of the rave music scene and underwent a revival in 1998 when superclub Godskitchen began to promote a weekly event there.

and the B-Town…

And, to the B-Town. B-Town is the name given to an Indie music scene based in the Digbeth district. Together with Swim Deep, also Peace (with their song Follow Baby – rings a bell? On that during another post!) and JAWS are the leading bands of the B-Town. A Christmas show featuring the scene’s leading bands at the Rainbow in Digbeth on  December 22, 2012 has been described as a breakthrough and by February 2013 the NME was writing how “at this rate, with so many brilliant Brummie bands doing the rounds, they’re gonna need a bigger B-Town” concluding in April that “it’s a fact: 2013 is all about the bands from Birmingham”. So.. let’s hear what we have been talking about!


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