The Flashbulb: Modern Jazz and IDM


To those who have been following my blog since… two years back? – and just FYI I’ve reached 83,000 views already! wooot! – I’ll try something different and not post anymore according to the days of the week. I’ll add a Tech and Social Media related tab, as well as a Travel section, and remove the post-by-day-of-the-week policy. I’ll post more according to what interests me on that day, let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Said that..

The Flashbulb

The Flashbulb has been my music love since 2009. ChelChel, the Curator at an Art Gallery I was working for, introduced me to this music and I have simply never stopped liking it.

The Flashbulb, Benn Lee Jordan, is an American modern jazz and IDM musician operating under many pseudonyms. Yes, you read that right: modern jazz and IDM, can you really ask for anything more? Because I can’t.

My favourite album by him is Soundtrack to a Vacant Life (2008, Alphabasic), it is an album, like all of his, that has to be listened from beginning to end as the linking sounds between each piece is just divine.

The song I proposed here though is from his later album Arboreal (2010, Alphabasic).

This is not the typical kind of music you will listen around. Enjoy!


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