Coldplay does the Beyoncé with Midnight


How could I just not simply rush to the laptop, open safari and start writing? Coldplay did the Beyoncé!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes Coldplay did the Beyoncé! What does it mean? Well, you might know or not know, that Beyoncé in December 2013 released her fifth studio album as a surprise, no one knew about it and it was just -bang!- released. And.. the same happened today, February 25, 2014 with Coldplay!

At the stroke of midnight – well, erm… actually midnight Ulaanbaatar time and don’t ask why, no one knows! – Coldplay released a new song “Midnight” that will presumably be part of the band’s sixth album to be released maybe in May or June this year – again not really sure, this is according to MTV.

I will put the link to the video right here, but let me give you a warning, the likeability of this song goes in phases. If the first time you hear it, you also watch the video, you will just be wondering what on earth you are watching and you wont pay any absolute attention to the song. I honestly, with all my heart, suggest to turn the lights down, get comfy, don’t watch the video and listen on repeat for at least five times. In this way, you will like it, or probably love it.

This is just not Coldplay and at the same time it is very Chris Martin. Premising that I’m probably one of the biggest Coldplay fans on earth, I went to three concerts of them, including their first concert in HK in 2006, their second in 2009 and their London concert on June 2, 2012, and I will forgive them for anything and will endlessly like them, this song features the typical agony in Chris’ voice, his almost stomach ache voice and suffered voice which is still shining and everything is yellow and the stars are shining and we are lost and we want to go home, go home, go home (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the lyrics of Clocks, In My Place, Yellow and just really all of them!)! So yes, the voice is there and is actually very much there.

But, what is different, hence, not Coldplay-ian AT ALL (!!!), is all this electronic fantasticalness! I do actually love it, and like I said, the more you will listen, the more you will appreciate. The whole song is all electronic, the voice is defined by a  synth-heavy crescendo – as MTV rightly points out – and the rhythm is an interesting mix. If the whole album is going to be so electronic, I’m really gonna like it. Apparently their next album will go back to the massive A Rush of Blood to the Head which was a massive, I repeat, massive success.

What is really not working for me though is THAT video. Really, what did I just watch? What is that? Why are there so many hands? Why are there so many Chris Martins? And for heavens’ sake, what’s with these foxes! We don’t want to know what does the fox say, like Norvegian Ylvis insisted on asking us, and we don’t really want to see all these foxes around! Plus all this x-ray like video, is just not working for me. I know that all those cool songs have weird videos like MGMT’s Congratulations, but honestly, honestly, you want to know the truth? This video reminds me too much of M83’s Midnight City – which sarcastically enough has also a similar title. So sorry Mary Wigmore but it will be a thumb down from me for having directed this video.

I am now at the 6th or maybe 10th repeat of the song and yes I confirm the video is weird, that Chris’ voice is there, that the electronic sounds are awesome, but I am missing a bit more of dance stuff which should be present in an electronic song, like there is in Metronomy’s The Bay, MGMT’s tunes, M83’s Midnight City, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.. Electronic or rather Indietronic (oh wait, is Coldplay going Indie? YEAA!) goes with rhythm! Make me move Chris!

That’s all folks! Let’s wait for more info by those Coldplay guys!

[update] On perhaps the 20th repeat, I realized what is tricky with this song, and so perhaps not fully “ok”. The problem is that it is a bit too difficult for being a single. I doubt it will have much success among the singles released these days. It fits more inside a complete album, but let’s see..


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