Infographic: The Most Popular Countries In The World


Move Hub, a really good site advising you on your next big move abroad, just released an inforgraphic on ‘The Most Popular Countries In The World’, it lists out the 20 most visited countries by tourists and ranks out all countries depending on their popularity.

Most Popular Countries

France is at the very top perhaps due to the fact that Paris sera toujours Paris, la plus belle ville du monde and is then followed by the country of the Route 66, the US, and then China, Spain and Italy.

Unfortunately there isn’t information for all of the countries, surprisingly there isn’t any info for the UAE (!), but for those available, the five least visited countries are: The Solomon Islands, Moldova, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu. It would definitely be nice to visit those five ones!

I’m proud that I have already been to the 20 most popular destinations, but 6 are still pending: Turkey, Russia, Austria (yes, I know, how is it possible I have never been there? Well.. I’m proud of the Italian side of the Alps 😀 !!), Ukraine, Saudi Arabia aaaand Greece! But at the moment, on the top of my most wanted list is Patagonia, Greenland and Russia! Let’s see how long till I can hit those countries 😉 Challenge is on!


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