A pizza + a Fixie bike = Fixie Pizza Cutter!

Design & Co.

While BBC is storming our minds with Ukraine, I will try free your mind for at least few seconds with this fun post!

I will start by saying: I want! It is something actually REALLY weird, but hey, why not?

It’s a pizza slicer. Yup, a pizza slicer, but not your average pizza slicer! Reason? It’s a bike!

So… how does a pizza slicer get along with a bike?? It just does, and it’s pretty awesome!

It’s the..

Fixie Pizza Cutter!

fixie-pizza-cutter-2It is designed by Doiy Design and is called Fixie Pizza Cutter. Of course is a very hipster thing, for those alternative you loving those Fixie bikes (fixed-gear bicycle) -hence the name-, the website is completely filled with cool light blue moustache and again, just simply, why not? I’d definitely like this and let’s just say how amazing your guests would be when they see you slicing their pizza home-made by you!

The Fixie Pizza Cutter is available in black and yellow or in pink and aqua green and costs €17.95. Not too bad for such a design piece 😉

fixie-pizza-cutter fixie-pizza-cutter-3



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