More Coldplay.. but they announced their Ghost Stories info!


You will either hate me or love me for posting SO MUCH about Coldplay.. but… but……… they announced their new album’s release date, the artwork and another new song!!!!

Ghost Stories – that’s the title – will be released on May 19, 2014 and this how the artwork will look like:

Ghost Stories_Coldplay

And this is the hand-written (by Chris) track listing for Ghost Stories:

Ghost Stories tracksSo as a recap, this is the info we have so far:

Ghost Stories

out May 19, 2014


1. Always in My Head

2. Magic

3. Ink

4. True Love

5. Midnight

6. Another’s Arms

7. Oceans

8. A Sky Full of Stars

9. O

and can pre-order on iTunes by clicking here.

And let me say one thing. “A Sky Full of Stars”, seriously Coldplay? Just drop this star stuff! And “Magic”.. I believe in magic of yes I do………! So Coldplay, seriously, either you sign a contract for Teletubbies’s soundtrack or you:

Grumpy cut no likes Coldplay

Oh dear, they will never change! Hopeless case, they are so hopeless that it’s not even funny (!!) but we like them as they are, so that’s ok too (maybe).

And other big announcement.. they released the official audio of Magic – we already heard the weird Midnight few days ago! – and this Magic is very Coldplay (I actually liked much more the Midnight song!). Magic, stars, shining and all that 😀 It’s still a bit too slow though. I hope the others will have a bit more of movement.


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