Lake Tahoe + Skateboarding + Bob Burnquist = a free-floating skateboard ramp

Design & Co.

There is something that California’s (and Nevada’s) Lake Tahoe and skateboarding now have in common:

 a free-floating skateboard ramp!

Free-Floating Skateboard RampFor those loving skateboarding this must be a dream experience. Jumping above the water, up into the air, and nature all around.

The story behind this (and knstrct) tells us that… professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable and in 2013, when Visit California asked him to dream big and try something completely new, he and his team decided to build a ramp…that floats. “Dreaming big man, that’s what I do every day, I just try to dream as big as I can and then go make it happen. You need to believe in something intense enough to go make it happen.” Burnquist said. 300 man hours, 1,250 screws and 7,300 lbs later, the athlete’s dream surfaced over the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-1 Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-2 Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-3 Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-4 Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-5 Floating-Skateboard-Ramp-Lake-Tahoe-Dream-Big-California-Bob-Burnquist-6

The design is by designers and builders Jerry Blohm and Jeff King.

The entire project came to fruition thanks to Dream365, an initiative set into play by Visit California, intended to inspire people to #DreamBig in California.

Photography captured by Myles McGuinness Photography.


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