New music: The Melodic


Wow! Like, really. Wow!

So, I wanted to write a post about travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way, County Donegal to County Cork in Ireland, one of the most scenic routes in the entire world, and I wanted to associate the travel post with one of my recently favourite songs about travelling – but no spoilers, blog post about that song another time! – and then.. I came across this and I was wowing for few minutes.

So, by now you probably know how much I love new bands and how the inner A&R living in my body gets all happy. Finding out about this band was definitely a great, bright surprise in today’s such gloomy sunday!

They are:

The Melodic

They are so new that they don’t even have a Wikipedia page! Yup, that’s how we measure fame in today’s world.

They are a Folk/Roots/Latin music band from South London even though you would have never associated London with their style. They were created in 2013 and the group is made of Huw Williams, Rudi Schmidt, John Naldrett, Lydia Samuels, James McCandless and their record label, no surprise, is ANTI Records.

Their debut album, Effra Parade, just came out recently and it is available on iTunes by clicking here.

Few videos are on YouTube and they are all pretty amazing. Absolutely love their sounds and I’m 100% sure we are going to see more and more and more of these guys around!

You can follow them on their Facebook page, on Twitter, on Instagram, or on their website. Enjoy!


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