Travel: Along the Camino Primitivo with mom and dad

Once again my cool mom and dad are on their feet, walking a different route of the Camino (In 2013 they walked 800km from Saint Jean Pied de Port, in France, to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain). This time from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela and then to (from where I will join them too) Finisterre. This is called the Camino Primitivo. The Camino Primitivo consists of around 17 stops at an average of 25 km per day. Compared to the French Camino that reaches a length of about 800 km, the Primitivo is shorter, but due to the ups and downs on the Asturian mountains (Cantabrian Mountain chain, Cordillera Cantábrica), it is much harder. The weather can change quickly due to the winds coming from the sea. It can rain for days and feel cold. Even though the fatigue is immense, the beauty of the scenery pays it all off. This This Camino is called Primitivo (Primitive) as it follows the path made by Alfonso II the Chaste, King of Asturias, in the IX Century to pay a visit to the apostle Santiago’s tomb, discovered during his reign. The Camino starts in Oviedo, passes the Asturian woodlands and valleys to then end in the French Camino at Palas de Rei.

If you want to travel with them and learn important tips for your adventure on the Camino, follow my mom’s stories at: and my dad on instagram at @giaf1953 .

Happy Camino!

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