Solar Park South: A parasitic city by Ja Studio Inc

Crazy projects: Ar(T)chitecture

There is weird stuff on the internet. Yea, we know that. But sometimes it really gets weird. Look at this (especially that cow there in front):

Slow-Uprising-1Well, believe it or not, this was an actual entry into the Solar Park South competition which decided the future of the stretch of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway, located between Sicily and Bagnara. With a focus on implementing renewable energy into the infrastructure, the Calabria region called for sustainable ideas on how to renovate or reuse this stretch of the highway as it is going to be decommissioned and a new highway is set to be built nearby. This proposal, the ‘Slow Uprising’ by Ja Studio Inc, envisions a parasitic city taking root on the foundations of the highway’s bridges. The proposal calls for a gentle ramping platform that connects the top of the bridge to the bottom of the valley floor, with houses and shops built on the bridge to create a new city grounded in the foundation of the old project.


Even though this proposal didn’t actually meet the requirements of the Solar Park South competition, it is just so impressive and I had to share it. It didn’t meet the rules of the competition as nothing about their project calls for the use of renewable energy, but given the reuse of a massive piece of infrastructure in their project, they wanted to send in their idea anyway. As Ja Studio partner Behnaz Assadi said, “Our response was not along the requirements of the competition brief, however we sent it for jury review and publication, since we thought it would give a different perspective on the story of the decommissioned highway.” Slow Uprising is also an exploration of a slower paced life, contrasting the fast, frenetic projection the new highway would eventually give way to.

PS: The winner is equally blog-worthy, but that to the next time!

Slow-Uprising-4 Solar-Park-South-Highway Solar-Park-South-Location

via Parasitic City Takes Root on Italian Bridges | Inhabitat


Ja Studio Inc


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