Stories vs Snapchat – it’s so much better!


So… I don’t really know why BUT I’m overly excited about the new Instagram update! Insta Stories!

It’s all over the internet today: Instagram copied Snapchat, FB is a copycat, “bad artists copy, great artists steal” and so on and on. Well, you know what? Insta Stories might have copied Snapchat in a really blatant move but it’s actually a much, WAY MUCH, better copy!

  1. Stories is not confusing / Snapchat is the most confusing app I have ever forced myself to use. On Stories there are clear icons for the options you have: you can see who has seen your videos (Stories), you can really easily send a message to another user since there is an icon which reads “send a message”, you can save these Stories on your Camera Roll, you can even edit the Story setting and decide who you want to show it to and lastly, you can save the Story on your profile, if you want, otherwise it will delete itself after 24hrs.
  2. Because of that, Stories will not be used by teenagers only, but will be used by all of us, young and old / Snapchat will remain for teenagers, bloggers and famous people
  3. On Stories, you do not have to build a whole new network since you already have all your followers from your Instagram account / Try creating a Snapchat account when you are 25 or older and are not “famous” (Good luck with finding followers!)
  4. On Stories, you get to see the “other human side” of all your favourite photographers, they might be your favourite food blogger, minimal photographer, interior design expert and you can see them on their unfiltered selfs, talking and smiling at you. People you admire and whose faces you have often never even seen!
  5. Last and… quite important… you can keep on easily find new people to follow on Instagram, unlike Snapchat which still has no reasonable way to find others unless you know their username.

Basically, we now have a “Snapchat” which is not limited only to millennials or rather, teenagers!

Of course, it’s hard to imagine that just an Instagram update is going to replace Snapchat with its 150 million people using the service each day, but in today’s world you just never know. Think about this: Every Snapchat user probably has an Instagram account where they post pictures. Every time they want to post a video, they have to leave Instagram, open the Snapchat app, record and post and vice versa if they want to post a picture after recording a video. Now think about the convenience and time saved for this same person if instead of having to switch between the two apps, they can actually do everything in one single app: Instagram. Thinking about this is going to make you question Snapchat’s lifespan, and let’s not forget that Instagram has more than double of Snapchat’s active daily users and every user has a strong already-built followers’ network. But then again, only the future will be able to tell. Let’s wait a and see!

Now, Instagram, you are just missing the face masks things 😉

I love it! How about you?

In case you still didn’t know: @robycuc, that’s me!


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