Help Ubooly come to life!

FRIDAY: Design!


Ubooly, the iPhone cuddly creature 🙂

Ubooly is a fun little cuddly creature, it is a talking soft toy! By inserting your iPhone or iPod touch, Ubooly comes to life and interacts with you, stimulating your intelligence. Ubooly is powered by your  apple devices and is able to download interactive content every month over wifi, including games, stories, and adventures for your kids.

This lovely orange round thing has an animated face, and squishy filling to protect your iOS device from harm.  And while your Ubooly might look funny, it’s got a great set of ears as it will respond to all your wishes! It’s a bit like Siri — but so much cuter.

Help Ubooly come to life!

What is most important is that Husband and wife team Isaac Squires and Carly Gloge of design consultancy Warb, Inc., who created Ubooly, have recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help bring this furry creature to the market. If you think Ubooly has the right to come to life, even $5 would help!

How? You can donate by clicking here. At the moment that I’m writing, $13,975 were pledged of the needed $25,000 and 45 days to go! I find the sum already pledged incredible and am confident and excited that this project will come to a success! I honestly think the idea is so great! But here are some interesting facts I found on their website….

Some info.. and some numbers..

The Software:

Want a pet? Finally – there’s an app for that. Ubooly is a giant, furry iOS app. Customize its face, enter your child’s preferences, and off you go into a magical world of adventure. We are including over 4 hours of content in the initial download, after which we will update every month with hours of new games, jokes, and stories. Content packs will be in the $1 – $3 range, available as an in-app purchases.

Ubooly also has access to an online laboratory, where your child can train Ubooly in new languages, play games, and make treats. Our goal is to expand this experience over time to include a great deal of educational content that is fun and excites a passion around learning and exploring our world.

The Content

Most of the content that is being produced for Ubooly centers around exploration and adventure. “We want kids to have active play and learn about animals, nature, and social interaction. We of course also center around fun activities that incorporate imagination and critical thinking.”

Since children of a wide age group will be playing with Ubooly, there is an array of content that caters to different attention spans, energy levels, and preferences. Ubooly will learn more about your child over time and begin to deliver the content that is most appropriate and best received.

Your Support

“With your support, we will be able to afford the cost of creating tooling needed to manufacture the squishy interior. It will also help cover the minimum run required for production.”

In addition to pledging a contribution to the project by clicking here, you can help Ubooly out by sharing this page with friends, joining Ubooly on facebook, and sending Ubooly feedback and suggestions to Ubooly says “thanks so much”!

Ubooly is so immensely cute and so cool! I want to be a kid again 😀


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