In Poland: The Upside Down House

ar(t)chitecture: The Upside Down House

I’m not sure whether this would fall under the topic of art or the topic of architecture, but since it’s a house, I opted for ar(t)chitecture.

The Upside Down House in Poland

This bizarre house, quite known to people who like bizarre things, is in Poland. To be exact, it is located within the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark, Kaszuby (30 min car ride by Gdansk in the North of Poland). To reach the Centre, you can follow the link here.

I have been wanting to see this for quite some time, and have finally been able to go and yes, take THE picture. Interestingly though, I thought that the house was built mainly out of fun, and never had I imagined the deeper symbology behind this construction. The house itself is a symbol of the fall of communism in Poland and an allegory of the modern world in which tradition and systems of values are turned upside down. Walking inside the house is no easy task, and while inside, everything is hanging from the.. “floor”. There are sofas, beds, chairs, plants, lamps, toilets and chimneys all to be seen from a complete upside down perspective.

The house has been constructed by the Polish timber construction association Danmar.

The Upside Down House in PolandBoth photos in this post are © Roberta Cucchiaro



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